Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Budget: Creswell Policing

On Page 41 of the budget, under the category Materials & Services is a line item called “Contractual Serv Police Prot”.  The budgeted amount for this fiscal year (2016-2017) is $657,105.  This contracted amount for police protection provides 3 deputies and a half-time Sergeant.  This does not include the $6.00 public safety fee.  

It's our understanding the council wants to increase police protection and is leaning towards option D of the four choices before them.  This option if put on the ballet would require $1.85 per $1,000 of assessed value of Creswell homes.  The average Creswell home is assessed at $184,000.  There are approx 1984 homes in Creswell.  That would be $340.00 per household and would raise $675,353.  The number of homes could vary slightly.  That would be a total of  $1,332,485. per year for police protection.

While improved police protection might be needed, there is a good chance this measure may be voted down and we would be back to square one.

We would like to suggest that it be considered to include the entire 97426 zip code.  There would be an additional 1,801 homes to share this additional cost.  We could then divide the $675,353 by 3,785 (total homes in 97426) making it $178.00 per year each.  This would be more likely to be accepted.

While this does increase the area to be protected, most of these homes are very close to the city itself.  For example, Dale Kuni, Deberry, Walnut Lane, and Melton just to mention a few.

I would suggest the city attorney draft the ballet measure to include the additional 1,801 homes and cover the entire 97426 zip code.

In-fact, it appears county commissioner Faye Stewart is working on such a "district".  Evidently, it takes more than just putting it on the ballet if it's being done by the city.