Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Creswell The Forbidden City?

Dear Editor,

It's a beautiful sign, Creswell, "The Friendly City."  Maybe it should say Creswell, "The Forbidden City"?  After buying property zoned for airport use, we were Forbidden to have access to the airport for what would have been a beautiful six cabin Fly-in Bed and Breakfast.  Something the city and airport would have been proud of.  Later, we were Forbidden to allow a pilot from Cottage Grove to park his plane in our hangar while the Cottage Grove Airport was being re-paved.  "It might set a precedent" was the pathetic answer we were given.  Just recently, we were Forbidden to have a Fly-in for pilots from Creswell, Eugene, Cottage Grove and other airports.  Just like the seven or eight we've had in the past.  We were told by the airport manager, "While we would love to accommodate this request, we have been advised by the City’s Attorney that we will not legally be able to do so."

That's interesting, the city has a new ordinance 490 saying it's ok for a salesperson to come onto your private property between 9 am. & 8 pm. even if you have signs posted "No solicitors, no trespassing."  According to City Attorney, Ross Williamson, it is their first amendment right.  I guess my wife and I don't have the same first amendment right to invite people to our property?  When I tried to find out exactly why we could not legally have the Fly-in from Mr. Williamson, he was evidently Forbidden to answer this question.  Instead, he sent my e-mail to the City Administrator.  An e-mail that had some personal input.  Shouldn't a citizen have the right to know exactly what law is not allowing him to do something?  The interesting part is that the law firm Mr. Williamson works for, has the slogan, "Offering Options, not Obstacles." So much for slogans, "The Friendly City" with a law firm that is "Offering Options, not Obstacles."  How nice if those were only true.

If anything should have been forbidden, it should have been forbidden for a past administration to build an excessive water treatment system that could support a population of over 20,000.  Especially when LCOG's  report on Creswell's growth, estimated a population of 12,500 by the year 2035.  That along with a massive city hall, one of the largest in the State with our present and estimated population.  Someone had big plans.  It's these excessive past and present spending extremes that is causing what were once good friends to choose sides and say terrible things about each other on a water issue that should not have come to this point.  What these previously good friends are so cleverly saying about each other, is not the image of a Friendly City, and like so many other things in Creswell, should be Forbidden.


Jerry Norcia