Thursday, October 30, 2014

Making it Wright

"Making it Wright" is a documentary by Paul Bright, of Paul Bright Films.  The outcome is not something we expected.  This Mayor and council have the ability to correct this wrong by a previous administration and do not seem interested.  It's difficult to believe that any administration would accept and live with knowing this man owed the city a little over $1,000, and they revoked his lease, in essence taking his hangar and business.  A value of over $160,000.  The reason we didn't expect this outcome is that our Mayor was a minister for some thirty years.  Wouldn't you expect him to be the moral leader and convince his council to "Make it Wright"?  

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  1. Bill Munson,
    Family Friend since 1972 or so. Said:

    The Questions, and most importantly, the ANSWERS, were All contained in that amazing Video. Everyone involved, Should be able to look back, at a moments notice, and say something that they will always be proud of,............ and the majority agrees with.