Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Airports are supposed to be fun!

Dear Editor,

Let's Be Neighborly,

Whoever took down the sign, "Creswell The Friendly Town," knew what they were doing, at least as far as being neighborly goes.  The Cottage Grove Airport will be closed for 50 days while they repave the runway.  There are a lot of fellow pilots who could use some help with a place to keep their planes during this time.  

My wife and I have had access to the Creswell Airport for eighteen years, and there has never been a problem.  Presently, we don't have a plane, but continue to pay $270.00 per year for this access.  Wanting to be good neighbors, we thought it would be nice to offer at least one of the Cottage Grove pilots the use of our hangar for this period of time at no cost to him. 

I suggested he explain to the airport manager that he has an invitation to park his plane in our hangar.  He did that and was told she would have to ask the city administrator.  At this point, because she is new, I wrote the city administrator inviting her to come and look at our hangar and our airport access.  She never came and said she would ask the city attorney what he thought.  She later wrote and said she would once again discuss this with the airport manager, the very place where this started.  I then got a note from the airport manager saying in part, "Although the City understands that the circumstances for this request is not ordinary, it is the City’s legal opinion that to allow this deviation from the RTTF agreement could create future liabilities and/or precedence that the City may not be able to defend.  It is for this reason that we cannot accommodate your request.  Shelley Humble, Airport Manager."

This took over three weeks, a decision that should have taken five minutes.  There would be no liabilities or a precedent that could be set.  We are the only ones with airport access.  This is just one more example of why this airport is a failure.  The only precedent they would be setting is one of being friendly and willing to help others.   

Jerry Norcia

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