Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Creswell Police Department

Does the sound of that make you wonder, could we have our own Creswell Police Department, CPD?It appears having our own police department is not on the agenda with our present mayor and council.  We can't help but to wonder, what could our city really get for what it's costing to contract with the sheriff's department?  If the price of one deputy is $175,000 for one year, what else are we paying for with the other two deputies and the "one third time of a sergeant?"First, let's assume we are serious in forming our own Creswell police department.  We could easily start with the $175,000 that is under discussion.  I was told the budget for the Sheriff's Department was $525,000  plus $133,200 from the $6 dollars added to the utility bill from 1850 households for a total of $658,200  That would pay for the original two deputies and one third time sergeant and now the third deputy which is an additional $175,000.  If that number sounds high, I believe it is.  That is what got us interested.First, we would like believe we are working towards our own police department.  With that in mind, let's look at what we could get for the $658,200If you look at will see a number of Oregon Cities police salary'sLet's use the City of Corvallis who pays $73,691.00 per year.  That is with full benefits, sick leave, pers, medical etc.Let's say we hire four officers$294,764   Now one chief or Captain  $127,000$421,764   Three police cars, $38,500 Ford's SUV fully equipped $115,500$537,264   With these numbers, we would still have $120,936 left over for additional insurance  equipment and renting jail cells.  Lane county said we could use their jail cells for felony criminals and rent in Springfield or Cottage Grove for lesser criminals.  Of course there are expenses that are not listed here.  We need to look at what else is needed and what the cost would be.On top of the $120,000 left over, there will be money taken in from citations.  While that is an unknown number it should be a factor when looking into this possibility.  Junction City said they took in $250,000 one year.  Of course that is a bigger town with a much larger area and population.  There is also $40,000 being spent on a Creswell code enforcement person.  Like other police departments, that can be done by our police officers, another savings.Just take the $175,000 we are talking about for the third Sheriff.  That would pay for one police officer and two patrol cars for $150,691 with $24,309 left over.  Keep in mind, the salaries used here need not be exact.  We have a much smaller population and only 1.72 square miles to patrol.  The police cars are a one time cost with ongoing maintenance. We should mention, there are many grants to help small towns start their own police departments.First, we should talk with the Sheriff, and ask, if we hire an experienced police sergeant, would he be allowed to work with our two contracted sheriff's?  The sheriff's could groom our sergeant to the ways of Creswell, the people, the area etc.  After a brief period with our deputy's he would be on his own, with our police car.   This Creswell Police Sergeant would be paramount in forming our department.  He will have to be especially qualified and promotable.  He will play a big part in hiring and training.
There are many benefits to having our own police who live and work in the city.  From others I've talked with, they are very proud of their officers.  I can see them spending more time visiting the schools, library and just be more visible.  Just compare with only one small town, Oakridge Oregon, where they say.  "Oakridge Police Department is comprised of a Chief, a Deputy Chief, three (3) full time officers, five (5) fully trained reserve officers, four and a half (4.5) dispatchers, and Cadets.  We also have a K-9 Officer that works with the school, on patrol and mutual aid to other agencies."At the very least, we should put out an employment opportunity for a police sergeant and see the qualifications of those applying.
What are your feelings? Please express your concerns and ideas.  It could be a benefit to our city. 


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