Thursday, November 21, 2013


It's a sad time for the community of Creswell during this holiday season, Ray's market is closing.  There must be a reason in the minds of the higher ups at C & K markets, parent company of Ray's Food Place, but could it be possible they are making a huge mistake?  Ray's market in Creswell has to be one of the most revered stores in their system.  The managers of Ray's and the employees have been a considerable part of our community because of their kindness and generosity.  It is well known, that you can count on Ray's for their support when needed to make a success of many civil occasions.  They allow girls scouts, VFW and others to sell whatever, to help those organizations.  The fourth of July and the fireworks will not be the same. 

While it's a sad day for the people of Creswell, our hearts go out to the managers and employees of Ray's.  You have been like family and make shopping a pleasure.  We would like to believe those in charge will re-consider and find other ways and other stores to close before Ray's.  We can't believe all your stores and employees are as respected as much as they are here in Creswell.

 Please give this a second thought and make this holiday season one we will remember for a long time and be thankful for.