Monday, October 7, 2013

High Water Rate Study

There is no question, we have one of the finest city councils this city has seen in years.  But still, is the cost of this study going to be justified by the results? Only time and taxpayers' money will tell.  

Since the city council voted to spend $20,080 for a water rate study, there must be a few questions in the minds of those paying for it.  What are the possible outcomes of such a study?  Here are a few possibilities,

What  if for some reason, the city built a water treatment plant far too large for the present and future population of Creswell?  For example, this large treatment plant is said to have the capacity to handle a population of some 20,000 people.  According to LCOG, the population of Creswell won't reach 12,500 until the year 2035.  Is it possible that by that time our treatment plant will be obsolete or in need of major repairs?

Another thought, maybe a previous administration was trying to accommodate the possible use of a great deal of water by businesses such as Foster Farms.  While such planning is admirable, was there protective planning in place in the unlikely event, or in this case the likely event, of the business pulling out and closing the plant?  It doesn't seem unreasonable to ask such businesses for some kind of a protective contract for a period of time to cover the excessive cost being passed on to the Creswell taxpayers in the case of closures.

Maybe this study will find that a previous council passed a resolution to exhilarate the payments cutting back on interest and saving money in the end.  But do the people really want this and can they afford it?  Maybe this study will suggest rescinding such a resolution.   

In any case, it will be interesting to see what you get for $20,080.  You have to wonder, how did they get so accurate as to come up with that extra $80.00? 

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