Monday, September 9, 2013

City Council Meeting, September 9th 2013

The September 9th Creswell City Council meeting was chaired by council President Jacob Daniels.  Jacob was right at home chairing this meeting and did a great job. 

Jacob introduced the interim City Administrator Larry Patterson.  Larry comes to Creswell with a host of credentials and a pleasant way about him.  Accepting Larry who has only been here one week, was a smooth transition from Jamon Kent and Steve Carmichael.  He fit right in and was up to speed on all subjects.

Next on the Agenda, was to give recognition to several people who have contributed to our city.  First, Steve Dobrinich was given recognition as the RARE Intern for the past couple of years.  There was a laundry list of Steve's accomplishments.  As President Daniels said, he will be missed. 

The next order of business was to welcome Madeline Phillips who will be taking the place of Steve Dobrinich as the new RARE intern.  Madeline, who likes to be called Maddy, comes to Creswell with a great deal of experience.  We can look forward to her time as our new RARE intern. 

Last, but definitely not least, Roberta Tharp, was given recognition for her time as CMC (Certified Municipal Clerk).  Roberta wears many hats in our city, too many to mention, but you can always depend on Roberta for most needs in our community.  Good for you Roberta. 

On the public forum, a nice young lady who is active in our neighborhood watch, suggested that we have signs at our parks to let those using the parks know when it's time to leave.  A very good idea.  As she explained, "you can't expect those using the parks to know when it's time to leave, if it's not posted."

There was an AWOS update that was inconclusive.  Evidently, there needs to be further information before they can move forward.  There was a request for payment for Environmental Solutions, LLC working on the AWOS that was approved.

Under "City Administration" there was a request for $24,080 to do a "Water Rate Study".  Jane Vincent asked some good question, "Why do we need a study, what can this study tell us that we don't already know?  How much will the council be involved?" And the questions went on.  Sitting in the audience, one has to ask, what if we/they find that Creswell is paying more than any other city our size for water, what then?  This will be very interesting to see what you get for the $24,080.  Will that lower the water rates?  This contract was approved by the council.

There was a resolution 2013-21 Providing for an Interfund Transfer of $50,000 appropriation from the general fund to the airport fund.  Evidently, this is the amount that is to be given to Eugene Skydivers as settlement of the law suit.

Jane Vincent reported on the public safety meeting that was held on the subject of forming a neighborhood watch program.  It was attended by a large number of people from our community and the local area.  There were three sheriff's in attendance to help with this program.  Doug Osborn, Steve French and one other deputy, sorry didn't get his name.  There will be a follow up meeting next month as there was a lot of interest in curbing the neighborhood problems. 

AJ O'Connell asked permission to contact a publication that supplies the routes for those following the Transamerica Bike Route from Virginia to the west coast.  AJ was given that permission and will look into having the bike route come through Creswell.  Should be a good thing for local businesses . 

All in all, it was a productive meeting well chaired by the council President Jacob Daniels.         

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