Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creswell Police Department CPD

If that has a good sound, we can thank our Councilman Jacob Daniels for looking into this for our city.  Jacob spent several hours with Junction City's Police Chief Mark Chase discussing this possibility.
Mark, as he likes to be called, pointed out the many benefits of having our own police department here in Creswell.  He explained about the police academy for training and sharing a dispatch center.  Jacob came away with several pages of information and suggestions by the chief, (Mark) one sergeant and Brandy the dispatcher.

One of the main benefits is patrolling our city on a regular basis.  At present, it seems the sheriff will come when they are called, most times.  With our own police, you will see them more often than we are seeing our sheriff cars.  It will be much easier to recruit people for a "Neighborhood Watch" organization.  The reason being, if they see something suspicious we can have one of our police cars there in minutes.  Creswell is about one and a half square miles in area.  Junction City is six and a half square miles in area, making Creswell easier to cover.
Jacob is also talking about our outlying areas that are in the Creswell School District.  This may take a bond measure, but well worth it.  This could then cover Camas Swale and other close areas that are not in the city proper.  Mark offered his ongoing help.



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