Tuesday, August 13, 2013

City Council Votes for More Police Presence

The Creswell City Council took two major steps Monday night towards improving public safety in its area.
The council voted unanimously to fund and request a third Lane County Sheriff’s deputy to work in Creswell.
A number of people spoke at the meeting expressing their concerns surrounding public safety. “Response time here in town. I mean I waited 15 minutes for somebody to answer the phone is ridiculous.,” added one Creswell resident.
Another pleaded with council saying, “Without 24 hour effective police we are just waiting for tragedy.”
And another resident said council needed to improve safety to, “Make this a safe place for our children and to we make it a safe place for our families for our businesses and to attract business.”
Councilors also voted unanimously to direct the city administrator to look at long term solution to the safety issue like partnering with forces from nearby cities for instance Veneta or Cottage Grove.
The extra deputy will cost the city about $168,000 and that takes into account some dispatch and administrative costs.
A Lane County Sheriff’s Deputy who was at the meeting wanted to make it clear that it would take a total of five deputies to get 24 hour coverage and the timeline is unclear as to when that third deputy would be hired for Creswell.
The Sheriff’s Office delivered some good news to residents when it comes to a recent rash of burglaries in the city that prompted the safety conversation to begin.
“We have made four more arrests on unrelated crimes on folks that we were directly looking at for the burglaries,” said Sgt. Doug Osborne.
Sgt. Osbourne says to his knowledge both of those men are still behind bars.
Both of the council’s unanimous votes were met with a lot of applause  from residents who were packed in to City Hall.

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