Friday, August 16, 2013

City and Eugene Skydivers Settle Complaint

The Creswell City Council voted Thursday in a special meeting to develop a policy to allow skydivers to cross the runway at our municipal airport, and to settle a lawsuit with Eugene Skydivers for $50,000 and other conditions.
Mayor Dave Stram called the meeting to solicit community input on the question of whether parachutists, after landing on city-owned property to the east of the Hobby Field airport, would be allowed to walk across the runway to return to the hangars.
Apparently, the skydivers had used that same method for some twelve years before it was somehow decided it was no longer safe.  From all indications, it appeared the FAA would have found in favor of Eugene Skydivers in an FAR part 16 complaint.  It seemed both, the city and Mr. Moore, owner of Eugene Skydivers wanted to settle this and move on.  Most likely a savings to the city.
There was testimony for and against the skydiving operation.  In the end, the councilors voted six to one in favor of settling.  This settlement will remove a civil lawsuit filed by Mr. Moore and the FAA part sixteen complaint.     

“We felt it was of such magnitude that we needed to hear from the community and airport users,” Stram said.  The vote to allow skydivers to cross the runway was 5-2 with Stram and Pelatt  voting no.  The vote to settle the lawsuit, was 6-1 with Adam Pelatt voting against.  

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