Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Creswell City Council meeting July 8th

Once again there was a full house at the Creswell City Council meeting.  It's apparent the people of Creswell are enjoying the feeling of participating in our local government.  Several times during the meeting, people from the audience raised their hands during a particular subject.  Mayor Stram recognized these people and allowed them to go to the podium and speak.  It turned out, the mayor and council learned a great deal from these individuals.  Though few raised their hands, audience members could see, they too could raise their hands if they had something to contribute. 

Officer Doug Osborne of the Lane County's sheriff's office gave a report on hours of service to Creswell from the sheriff's department.  While it seems we have good coverage, there is still an average of one home break-in per week.  Officer Osborne gave some helpful hints on protecting our homes.  Most importantly, to watch out for each other and lock your home at all times.  He explained how important it is to write down any serial numbers you have on firearms and anything that could be identified if retrieved after a burglary.  He mentioned that it would be a good idea to take pictures as well.

During the public forum, Commander Rick Higgins of the VFW explained there was a misconception that they were charging the Creswell food pantry $500.00 per year.  It turns out, they were not charging the food pantry, but that the food pantry was donating $500.00 per year in appreciation for the use of the VFW space they were using.  The council and Susan Blachnik thanked the VFW for their kindness in making the VFW available for those in need and served by the food pantry.

In another example of open mindedness by our councilors, they supported using 2,000 square feet of the Cobalt building for the food pantry.  I say open mindedness because some councilors had previously wanted to sell the building as it didn't seem to have a realistic purpose.  The concern they have for our community and those in need, made the difference.  Good for them.

On the same subject, Ann O'Connell explained the food pantry was growing in size and need.  It was becoming too small for what the volunteers needed to function effectively.  She too explained that they needed more space.  It worked out for all concerned.  Most importantly, it shows this mayor and council are willing to listen and act on suggestions from the community. 

There seems to be some management concern for the Centro Latino Americano Organization.  Should it be subject to the Ad Hoc Committee for contributions program, or be "Grandfathered" in and have representatives here in Creswell as they did in the past.

All in all, it was an organized meeting and many issues were covered.   Good Job.   

Jacob Daniels, said,

"Great City Council meeting last night. We got our public safety committee up-and-running; decided to enter an agreement with the Food Pantry to move them into a 2,000 square foot space (from roughly 500 square feet); partnered with the library to expand recreational activities for senior citizens; entered into a series of contracts to bring fiber-optic services; and established an ad hoc committee to provide grant-funding to non-profits. Great to see the People, City Council and other local organizations working together. More good things to come." 

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