Tuesday, March 12, 2013

City Administrator and two councilors resign

Three resignations were tendered at the March 11th City Council meeting. Mayor Stram read the resignation of City Administrator Mark Shrives. All councilors voted unanimously to accept Mr. Shrives resignation. Shortly thereafter, Mike Anderson read his letter of resignation followed by Jean McKittrick. Both councilors got up and left the council table after resigning. Former Mayor Hooker who received 98 votes in his bid for re-election, sat in the audience witnessing his two councilors making their final statement as they once again followed his lead in resigning. Former Mayor Hooker resigned by letter read by Mike Anderson several days after losing his bid to continue as Creswell's Mayor.

Watch the video response:

It was sad to see McKittrick and Anderson resign before giving our new Mayor and councilors the opportunity to show they are organized, fair-minded and caring people. Possibly they could have been a help with their experience of being on the council.

Mayor Stram will now fill those seats and move on with the business of running our city.

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