Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Positively Creswell 2013

The first meeting of the "Positively Creswell" forum was attended by approximately 35 people; including Mayor Elect Stram and five councilors, three active and two elected. It was a diverse group of people with different and positive suggestions.

Steve Dobrinich, the RARE intern, gave a good talk about the Cobalt building and possible uses. He suggested anyone interested in volunteering, to please do so. Evidently, Steve met with the Willamalane people who may help with ideas and planning.

Su Liudahl deserves a great deal of credit for putting this evening together. Su has a naturally positive attitude and the evening went as planned, "Positively Creswell." There were no negative comments and everyone seemed pleased. We have to wonder, can you really make the necessary changes and still be positive? Sadly, sometimes there are difficult choices and someone may not like the outcome. Nevertheless, when all those changes are made, we can truly move on in a very positive way. Creswell needs that.

Since this was the first meeting of "Positively Creswell", there is always room for improvement. With the diverse group that attended, improvement should evolve as this group continues to meet. There may be the possibility of "opposing viewpoints" down the road, if so, we're sure Su will keep it civil. Again, thanks to Su and, of course, we should mention that Scott Olsen from Our Chronicle was at the meeting. Creswell owes a great deal of gratitude to Scott and Jeanne Olson for the representation they have given the people of Creswell.


Monday, January 7, 2013

New Mayor

To say the least, it was an exciting evening at the January 7th Creswell City Council meeting. There was standing room only for the swearing in of our new Mayor David Stram and three councilors, Jacob Daniels, Nora Reynolds and Jane Vincent.

Watch the swearing in:

You could feel the enthusiasm in the audience, and a new found hope they seem to have in this administration. It will be interesting to see what changes are made under this new Mayor and council. One thing for sure, this Mayor has the experience of listening to those he's served as a Pastor and now as our Mayor. We have to hope people will continue to come to our council meetings as they did this evening. Past meetings at best would draw maybe twenty people, of which several were city staff.

So, let's keep up a good attendance and support our new Mayor and council.

Happy New Year